Termis On-line - management, control and operation of the network in real mode

Using the SCADA network control system, Termis makes it possible to run periodic simulations in real-time during operation of heating systems. This functionality allows to fully optimize the operation of heating system, thus ensuring a significant reduction in operating costs.

TERMIS system launching in on-line mode enable cyclic calculations based on the digital heating network model and instantaneous measurements. This means that subsequent calculations include the actual changes in the operating parameters of the sources and map them to the grid, taking into account the transport time of the medium. This allows monitoring of the current hydraulic and thermal parameters of all modeled objects, such as thermal nodes, network sections, sources, pumps, valves.


Simulations are performed as often as the user defines. The parameters calculated during each simulation: temperature, pressure, mass and volume flow, flow rate of the medium, capacities, pressure and heat losses at the network sections, transport time of the heating medium to the heat exchangers, electricity consumption. This resource of information facilitates the visualization of, for example, sources, bottlenecks on the network or distribution of critical pressures.

Simultaneously the system does not impose limitations of the number of measurements integrated with the model. This allows to compile arbitrary measurement results and generate warnings and alerts if there are discrepancies between them. The on-line user receives full information about the current status of the network while also having access to static data, such as contact details of the recipients, ordered power information, or map navigation sleepers.

The system has an alarm function in case of exceeding the defined critical values, both for the current state of the network as well as for predicting future system work, based on weather forecasts. This allows early notification, for example, of a potential failure of the pressure and temperature conditions at the critical nodes or the exceeding of the permitted pump power.

Measurement data downloaded automatically prior to each simulation to TERMIS are archived in the database and can be reused at any time to recalculate the historical state of the network.

The user's role is to choose the date range for which data from the telemetry system is available.