Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on Energia - Utility Management

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on ENERGY - Utility Management is the answer to business requirements of companies selling heat, water, gas and electricity.

Energia – Utility Management is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV being coherent system along with basic modules such as finance management, storing management, orders, supplies, sales and marketing, purchase and others.

Functionality of Energia – Utility Management enables:

  • accounting for heat with suppliers and accounting heat production
  • processing the necessary technical and administrative information regarding heat source and nodes
  • detailed accounting and value accounting with contracted parties
  • heat sale operating with the use of automated and fully configured billing process
  • management of tariffs in compliance with specific terms and conditions of the agreement
  • flexible accounting time
  • automatically generated invoices based on measured and contracted amounts
  • meter read-outs input from external devices, external files or keyboard
  • correctness control of every read-out carried out by the system
  • construction and technology-sensitive mapping the heating system structure on the basis of its key elements (nodes, chains/nets, objects, meters)


The Software producer assures that Energia – Utility Management as the functional add-on of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is constantly adjusted to the new subsequent versions of the product.

The moment Microsoft adds new functions to Dynamics NAV, Energia – Utility Management is updated so that customers are enabled to install the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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Solution support

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Support lifecycle

Servicing conditions provided by the producer of technical support for ENERGIA – Utility Management including time and the scope of the support or the subject of separate servicing agreement. Currently we offer the following range of ENERGIA – Utility Management technical support:

Basic set:

  • repairing defects or obvious errors of the Software directly after determining their cause
  • substantive consultation referring to the Software issues
  • consulting and explaining services regarding prospective difficulties with software operating
  • developing security methods and alternative work within the software in case of equipment or system malfunctioning
  • assistance in analyzing problems connected with program functioning within the scope of the signed functional project
  • software auditing within the range of its compliance with the current law Additional Set

Additional set:

  • upgrade of the Software version with the valid and adequate user's license
  • carrying out trainings for administrators and users of the Software
  • additional consultations regarding the Software, the range or time of which go beyond the basic set
  • readiness to carrying out Software modifications and development processes aiming at constant modernization of the Software and improvement of its functions

Service level agreement

The basic set entitles the user of the Software to a certain number of consultation hours as agreed in the contract.

Consultations are held on workdays from 8 am to 4 pm by certified consultants or people assigned by the Software producer.
The unused time of consultation in a given month is not carried forward to the subsequent one.

In case consultations require additional research or information or the number of consultation hours Dyfed the limit agreed in basic set, they become a subject of the additional set.

Support and escalation contacts

Support contact information for customers:
Bogusława Tarnawa, e-mail:, mobile: +48 609 700 254

Escalation contact for Microsoft:
Mariusz Kasza, e-mail:, mobile: +48 603 634 148

ENERGIA - Utility Management Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner-developed software solutions presented to
Kelvin Sp. z o.o. for ENERGIA - Utility Management ENM.W1.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV